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Meet Dr. Vu Nguyen

Dr. Nguyen grew up with a close friend whose father was a dental lab technician. Dr. Nguyen loved to watch him work; the complex equipment, the carefully-assembled instruments, and the detailed processes of teeth fabrication were fascinating to him. One time, his friend's father gave the boys some alginate and plaster and taught them how to duplicate a dental model. Dr. Nguyen's first cast came out missing a few teeth, but he had so much fun that he knew a career in the dental field was in his future.

After high school, Dr, Nguyen graduated from UCLA with a major in biochemistry, then went on to complete his DMD degree at the Boston University School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Nguyen has a passion for providing quality, detail-oriented dentistry with a gentle touch. He also has exceptional clinical skills and is adept in crafting natural-looking restorations, especially removable prosthetics such as dentures and partial dentures. By offering these services right here in his Seal Beach dental office, he is able to save his patients valuable time and money. After more than 10 years in the dental field, Dr. Nguyen still loves what he does and enjoys it more and more each day.

Dr. Nguyen is married to his beautiful wife and has two fun boys. When he's not at the office, you'll find him riding his bike, taking a walk with the kids, or playing music (piano, guitar, and harmonica) with his brother and mother. He also loves photographyŚcheck out some of his photos in his online portfolio!

Dr. Nguyen is Looking Forward to Meeting You!

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