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Comprehensive Dentistry in Seal Beach, CA

At Rossmoor Family Dentistry, we are committed to caring for your family’s smiles now and well into the future. In order to provide the most effective and well-rounded dental care possible, Dr. Nguyen takes a comprehensive approach to dentistry.

Comprehensive dentistry combines all of the various aspects of dental healthcare that intersect to create a lifetime of healthy smiles: preventive care, restorative treatments, cosmetic smile enhancements, and even periodontal care. From baby teeth to dental implants, we want to be the team your family trusts for exceptional, personalized dentistry.

Preventive Dentistry

Quality preventive dental care enables Dr. Nguyen to diagnose and treat problems with the teeth and gums while they’re still small. The earlier he can identify an issue, the more conservative and minimally-invasive his treatment plan will be. Preventive dentistry can also save you a great deal of time and money on future dental care, which is really something to smile about!

Preventive Dental Services

Routine Dental Cleanings & Exams

During a standard dental cleaning, our hygienist will gently remove plaque and tartar (hardened plaque) from the surface of your teeth. Good home care removes a majority of plaque, but only a targeted professional cleaning can completely clear off all of the tartar that builds up around the gum line over time.

After your cleaning, Dr. Nguyen will perform a thorough examination of your teeth, gums, and existing dental restorations. He will also review any X-rays that were taken and evaluate any areas of concern that were noted by our hygienist during your cleaning.

Low-Radiation Digital X-rays

We incorporate digital X-rays into the dental exams of all of our patients, because many serious issues with the teeth and jaw bones can't be seen during a visual exam.

Digital X-rays use smooth digital sensors instead of sharp X-ray film, so they're more comfortable than traditional X-rays. They also emit significantly less radiation and don’t require any harsh chemical processing, making them a smart choice for your smile and for the environment, too.

Digital Intraoral Cameras

Photos taken with our intraoral cameras show you exactly what we see during your exam, giving you a "guided tour" of your diagnosis and treatment options. These cameras are also a powerful diagnostic tool for our Rossmoor dental team because they give us an up-close view of hard-to-see areas.

Protective Dental Sealants

The deep grooves in our back molars are great for chewing, but also great at collecting food particles and bacteria. Most cavities occur in these back teeth, because even proper brushing and flossing can sometimes leave a little plaque behind.

Dental sealants are one of the most effective ways to prevent cavities in the back molars, and Dr. Nguyen can apply them in a matter of minutes. He simply brushes on a thin layer of biocompatible plastic to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth and cures it with a special light—no shots, no drilling! Sealants are an excellent preventive treatment for children, and they can even be used on adult teeth that have no signs of decay.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride is a naturally-occurring mineral that strengthens tooth enamel and makes it more resistant to decay. Some studies have even shown fluoride to help reverse the early signs of tooth decay!

Most toothpastes on the market include a safe and effective amount of fluoride, and it's present in some public water systems as well. Just in case, Dr. Nguyen offers a concentrated fluoride rinse after each professional cleaning to give teeth some extra "armor" against plaque.

Custom Athletic Mouthguards

Adults and children who participate in contact sports have a higher risk of dental injury. Custom athletic mouthguards not only protect the teeth, gums, and jaws during high-impact activities, but they can even help prevent serious head injuries like concussions.

Nightguards for Teeth Grinding

If you find yourself popping over-the-counter painkillers more than two or three times a week because of chronic headaches, that pain could be the result of night-time teeth grinding. Many people don't even know they're grinding their teeth or clenching their jaw while they sleep until their dentist notices the wear-and-tear during a routine exam. A custom-made nightguard is an easy way to give your jaw a rest, preserve your teeth, and help you enjoy more pain-free days.

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Restorative Dentistry

When preventive care isn't enough to keep your smile looking and functioning its best, restorative dentistry can help you get back to your favorite foods and the everyday things you love. Dr. Nguyen has extensive training in many complex restorative dental procedures, including tooth-colored fillings, crowns, and dental implants. Whether your smile needs a little pick-me-up or a total makeover, Dr. Nguyen and the team at Rossmoor Family Dentistry have you covered.

Restorative Dental Services

Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings

Tooth-colored fillings are made of a biocompatible ceramic resin that requires less extensive preparation than amalgam (silver) fillings. Because of the minimal preparation, tooth-colored fillings are usually smaller and more natural-looking.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canals have gotten a bad rap over the years, but the truth is that infected root is causing you more pain than the treatment will!

Root canal therapy is a highly successful restorative treatment that involves removing diseased nerve tissue from a tooth, gently cleaning the remaining tissues, and sealing off the tooth with a natural-looking crown. A tooth repaired with a root canal can last a lifetime, especially if you keep up with your regularly scheduled checkups and cleanings.

Extractions & Wisdom Teeth Removal

Removing impacted wisdom teeth prevents them from shifting your other permanent teeth and reduces your risk of needing corrective orthodontic treatment in the future. The best way to evaluate the status of your wisdom teeth is with a visual exam and a set of X-rays. If it turns out that they’re not erupting properly, Dr. Nguyen will thoroughly explain your options for removal and help you decide which one’s right for you.

Dr. Nguyen also performs routine tooth extractions, whether as a precautionary measure for a severely decayed tooth or in preparation for dental implants.

Dental Implants from Start to Finish

If you're tired of living with missing teeth or uncomfortable dentures, ask Dr. Nguyen about dental implants! Dental implants are a permanent and effective method of replacing missing teeth, and they can even be used to stabilize loose dentures. Dr. Nguyen has completed training in both the placement and restoration of dental implants, so you can receive all of your implant care right here in our Seal Beach, CA dental office.

  • Dental implants aren’t just for seniors. You can replace your missing teeth at any age!
  • Implants function more like natural teeth, with none of the slipping, clicking, or sticky adhesives of traditional dentures.
  • With dental implants, you can eat your favorite foods and smile with confidence again.
  • Healthy dental implants can prevent bone loss and maintain the shape of your lips, jaw, and face.

Don't waste any more time dreaming about the strong and healthy smile you deserve. Call Dr. Nguyen at Rossmoor Family Dentistry today and find out if dental implants are right for you!

Beautiful, Comfortable Dentures

If you’ have dentures, you might think that slipping, clicking, and messy adhesives are just a fact of life. Think again! Modern dentures are incredibly versatile, and they can be customized to look and feel just like your natural smile. Whether you need a partial denture, a full denture, or a reline of your existing set, we take great care to ensure that your dentures are as comfortable and affordable as possible.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. If your smile isn't reflecting the true you, schedule a cosmetic consultation with Dr. Nguyen at Rossmoor Family Dentistry! Dr. Nguyen understands that just as a healthy smile is important for a healthy body, a confident smile is important for a healthy self-image. He has an artistic eye and a finely-honed ability to create smiles that are beautiful, healthy, and completely natural.

Cosmetic Dental Services

Professional Teeth Whitening

Tired of waiting for those drugstore whitening strips to give you the bright, confident smile you've always wanted? Our professional teeth whitening systems remove stains faster and more significantly than over-the-counter formulas, often with less sensitivity. Ask us about your options at your visit to Rossmoor Family Dentistry!

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are an excellent solution for teeth that are chipped, misshapen, or too discolored for whitening. Hand-crafted just for you by Seal Beach dentist Dr. Vu Nguyen, veneers can change your smile in virtually any way you desire. In some cases veneers can even be used as an alternative to braces for slightly crooked or crowded teeth!

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Periodontal (Gum) Health

According to the CDC, half of American adults currently have some form of gum disease. Although the beginning stages of gum disease are completely reversible, many people are already suffering from the more advanced stage known as periodontitis. Periodontitis is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults, and it can also lead to serious oral infection and an increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

In the past, the go-to treatment for gum disease was invasive and uncomfortable oral surgery. Dr. Nguyen can treat many cases of gum disease with less-invasive techniques first, including medicated rinses and gentle deep cleanings. The best way to ensure the health of your gums is to keep up with your biannual dental cleanings, during which our Rossmoor dental team can monitor any changes and treat them before they have a chance to progress.

Periodontal Services

Gum Disease Diagnosis

Most cases of gum disease can be diagnosed with a visual examination and a discussion of your symptoms. Bleeding, recession, swelling, and extreme tooth sensitivity are the hallmarks of gum disease. Depending on the severity of your symptoms and your oral health history, Dr. Nguyen will determine whether your gum disease is mild (gingivitis) or more severe (periodontitis).

Deep Cleanings (Scaling & Root Planing)

Gum disease creates deep pockets in the gum tissue, giving plaque and tartar easier access to more of a tooth's surface. During a deep cleaning, our hygienist will go further below the gum line than she would in a standard cleaning to gently remove the buildup inside these gum pockets. If your gums are very tender, we'll be happy to provide nitrous oxide to make the process more comfortable.

Long-Term Maintenance Plans

After a deep cleaning, Dr. Nguyen will schedule a follow-up appointment to assess how your gums are healing. He might even recommend more frequent visits until he feels that your condition is completely under control.

Throughout the maintenance process, it's important to remember that gum disease is completely reversible—especially when we catch it early. With a little patience and TLC, you'll be back to normal dental visits and strong, healthy gums in no time.

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For Your Comfort

If you feel anxious about dental treatment or have had a bad experience in the past, you’re not alone. People of all ages can be affected by dental anxiety, so we always take the time to answer your questions and help you feel comfortable in our care. We've also equipped our treatment rooms with advanced technology that's been specifically designed to improve the dental experience for patients of all ages.

Technology for Your Comfort

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Nitrous oxide, sometimes called “laughing gas,” is one of the safest anti-anxiety agents used in dentistry. Nitrous oxide has mild, short-lived effects and can be administered with just a mask over the nose, making it a great option for adults and children alike.

Isolite™ Patient Comfort System

Don't be fooled by its size: the Isolite™ is a small invention that will make a BIG difference in your dental care! Isolite has a flexible mouthpiece that protects your tongue and cheeks during dental treatments, and it's also been carefully constructed to let you rest your jaw while we work. With a built-in light that illuminates your mouth from the inside, Isolite gives us a better view of our workspace and gives your eyes a break from that hot, bright overhead lamp. Best of all, Isolite's self-aspirating technology makes cotton rolls and rinse breaks a thing of the past.

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